Alpha Labs Prohormones & More

Alpha Labs has landed 

With an ultra quality range of pro hormones, supplements & Post cycle therapy! Alpha labs products provide the best value for money whilst retaining the best quality products available on the market. 

Prohormone Series 

Alpha Labs Epistane -Powerful Pro-hormone with lean & chiselled effect 

Alpha Labs Trenavar -  One of the most popular Pro-hormones on the market. 

Alpha Labs M-Sten - Methylstenbolone huge gains in size and strength 


Alpha Labs TLB-150 - A longer ester of the popular RAD-150


Supplements & PCT assistance  

Alpha Labs Armistane - Natural solution to improving hormonal makeup 

Alpha Labs Laxogenin - Provides a natural anabolic effect fantastic for use in PCT

Alpha Labs 4-DHEA - Hormonal optimiser (Not available to UK customers)