Ostarine sarms experience


My Experience With Ostarine

Hello guys, I am here to share my experiences with Ostarine that is one of the best performance enhancing drugs that I ever came across.

I have been using PEDs for a while. From roids to prohormones, and from protein shakes to dietary supplements -- I had them all. Well I must say that earlier I used to feel safe with roids but the more I read about them on the internet, the more insecure I was getting with every passing day. Tried a hell lot of things in-between before Joe, my gym trainer, suggested me to try this thing called Ostarine.

Joe told me it is much safer than anything else he ever used or came across. I was impressed and had a word with some of my gym friends and they told me they have been using it for a while. I was like damn, now their secret is out. Actually, some friends don't open up before you start telling them your own. Well that's what friendship is about at times, right?

Coming to my experience with Ostarine, I started the cycle with some simple but clearly-defined goals. I wanted to lose 1lbs every week, preserve muscle mass, gain lean muscle mass, and avoid side effects. That's it – nice and easy!

Over the winter, I had myself bulked up to about 190lbs. I was not about as lean as I wanted myself to be for the summer though I was not anywhere near fat. I reduced my calorie intake from 3,600 to 3,300 to start a sensible though slow fat loss cycle with 25mg of Ostarine a day in a 10-week cycle. I then had plans to increase the dose to 37.5mg a day after the first 4 weeks and then doing the last 2 weeks with 25mg a day of Ostarine. I also used 3 caps a day of the Bodybuilt Labs SARMs Cycle Support 90 Capsules (for the last three weeks) and the similar dosage of the Bodybuilt Labs SARMs PCT 90 Capsules (started immediately a day after ending my cycle) to stay protected against any possible incidents of excess estrogen formation.

To tell you the truth, I was petrified when I found that I actually somehow jumped up a few weeks after the first two weeks. I had a word with Joe and he suggested me to cut back the calories to 3,000 but there was not much of a change. What the FUC*?

That same night, some friends came over and complimented me by saying I have leaned out and I was like, really? I went to my room and looked before photos of me and then I noticed I was actually leaning out though my weight was the same as when I started with this Ostarine cycle. In short, I was losing fat and gaining muscles at the same time. From being pissed off to getting super excited, I was so happy. That really inspired me and I continued to cut calories for a few more weeks. I got down to a consistent 2,400 calories a day during the final week (10th week of my Ostarine cycle) to get me to my After weight.

I must share this for everyone who is thinking whether to go for SARMs UK- Ostarine or not.

After the cutting cycle with Ostarine, my sleeves were reluctant to hold on the biceps, my shirts were stretching across the chest, and the jeans were still snug around my thighs. The best thing was that my strength and gains stayed with me long after the cycle. I can still do as many pull-ups and deadlifts with the same intensity. I want to tell you that no one can make great changes to physique without proper diet and training.

My gym trainer had told me this all-important but often neglected secret to go big or lose stubborn fat and I made sure I was following it. I was able to train harder and started getting more value out of my workouts. At the end of the cycle, I landed at a much harder and leaner 180 pounds. This was the leanest I ever remember I was in my life!

Guys, it is really important that you all emphasise on getting the best and genuine SARMs when spending your hard-earned money. Remember, it is not just the quality of the products but also your health. Don't get tempted reading alluring advertisements. Do your research and make the right choices -- each time, every time!