What is Laxogenin?

Laxogenin is a plant-based drug that is designed to grow muscles and maintain an optimal physique. It belongs to the class of brassinosteroids, that is, steroid-like substances that accelerate plant growth. It does not affect the human hormonal system. The active ingredient 5a-hydroxy Laxogenin has been studied by the Japanese since 1960. It is one of the herbal bodybuilding and fitness supplements with no side effects and can be applied by men and women.

Laxogenin is a relatively new ingredient in the American and European sports industry. Safe, non-hormonal, non-doping. Its properties, of course, are exaggerated, but this does not take away the fact of its good efficiency. The only significant drawback is poor bioavailability. Although some brands already have a solution to this problem, the phagosomal system.

The main feature of this substance is its plant origin. Of course, it is obtained from plant materials by artificial means.

A plant-derived substance that allows you to build large muscle volumes and has a powerful fat-burning effect is a rarity.

How does Laxogenin work?

Laxogenin is a plant-derived substance. It is obtained artificially by isolating from the roots of a perennial climbing plant called Siebold's Sassaparilla.

Siebold's Sassaparilla is native to China and Japan and is an evergreen vine. Laxogenin derived from this plant is a steroidal sapogenin. More importantly, Laxogenin belongs to the group of so-called brassinosteroids.

Brassinosteroids make up a group of 40 different steroids that are synthesized exclusively from plants. Produced in plants, these substances contribute to their growth and increased vitality.

This class of herbal steroids has shown excellent results in terms of muscle building.

Brassinosteroids induce an anabolic (muscle growth) effect by increasing the rate of protein synthesis and slowing the rate of protein breakdown. This gives:

  • muscle gain;
  • improved athletic performance;
  • a general reduction in fat mass.

Moreover, the anabolic effect is achieved with no side effects. Of course, Laxogenin cannot provide all the benefits that an illegal steroid drug can provide. But still, it can give some advantages.

Using Laxogenin, you can gain 6-7 pounds of lean muscle mass in one course.

Possible side effects when using Laxogenin

Possible side effects when using Laxogenin

If you've ever searched the web for information about prohormones and supplement bodybuilding, you've probably come across horror stories about hair loss, gynecomastia, and severe acne.

Laxogenin belongs to a group of substances called brassinosteroids. In several studies, brassinosteroids have shown a pronounced anabolic effect without any side effects that could be attributed to the use of certain prohormones.

If you have to be tested for steroids or prohormones, Laxogenin will not show a positive test result.

Of course, the use of Lacosgenin will never have the extreme effect that steroids can give, but you can expect a similar effect.

The best way to use Laxogenin

Depending on the manufacturer, the drug concentration in capsules or powder and their size may differ slightly, so here are the general instructions for using the drug.

  • The dosage can range from 25 to 200 mg. A dosage of 100 mg has been used during clinical trials.
  • Duration of the course. General recommendations for the course 4, 8, 12 weeks or on an ongoing basis.
  • Support on the course. Since Laxogenenin does not have a toxic effect on the liver, there is no need to support the course.
  • The method of combining drugs. The good thing about Laxogenin is that you can easily combine it with many other drugs, such as natural testosterone boosters, fat burners, prohormones, and post-cycle therapy drugs.

Laxogenin benefits

Laxogenin benefits

Other medications, such as anabolic hormones, can provide beneficial effects. But steroids are an illegal tool, accompanied by several dangerous side effects and legal risks. Possible problems include suppression of testosterone production, an increase in estrogen levels in the male body, gynecomastia, hair loss, and prostatic hyperplasia. The list of potential problems is far from complete.

Laxogenin is a safe alternative. The plant product is not a hormone nor converted into hormones in a cascade of biochemical reactions; thus, Laxogenin compares favorably with prohormones.

Laxogenin does not inhibit the synthesis of testosterone in the gonads. The enzyme aromatase does not act on it, which means that estrogens on the course remain within the physiological norm. Accordingly, there is no risk of gynecomastia, fluid retention, and other unpleasant effects associated with an increase in estrogen concentration.

Since Laxogenin does not affect the natural hormonal balance, it can be used by both men and women, and after the course, there is no need for post-cycle therapy. A strong argument in favor of a safe and effective product is the lack of recoil. The muscle mass gained on the course will remain with you.

Laxogenin is not included in the list of prohibited drugs; its purchase and use do not involve legal risks.

This bodybuilding supplement gives a non-doping test result and does not give false positives. These aspects should be taken into account by competing athletes who are undergoing doping control procedures.

Benefits of Laxogenin:

  • It offers safety.
  • It is not a hormone precursor.
  • It does not affect testosterone synthesis.
  • It does not increase estrogen levels.
  • There is no risk of gynecomastia, hair loss.
  • There is no rollback after the course.
  • It is not included in the list of prohibited drugs.
  • It is not doping, not determined by doping tests.

What are the effects of Laxogenin?

What are the effects of Laxogenin?

Laxogenin interacts with steroid hormone receptors in adipose and muscle tissue. From the point of view of the mechanism of action, it is appropriate to compare it with selective androgen receptor modulators SARMs. However, formally it does not belong to this group of drugs for pharmacological support of training.

In muscle tissue, this bodybuilding supplement acts as a catabolic blocker and a catalyst for synthesizing protein molecules. Slowing down the destruction of protein, combined with the activation of the formation of proteins of the contractile complex, leads to increased muscle mass and an increase in strength indicators.

In adipose tissue, Laxogenin acts as a catalyst for lipolytic processes. It accelerates the breakdown of complex lipids and the release of fatty acids into the blood. After which, they become an available source of energy and can be used by the muscles to synthesize adenosine triphosphate molecules. At the same time, it slows down lipogenesis, which, combined with accelerated fat burning, contributes to an improvement in body composition and the manifestation of muscle relief.

Effects of Laxogenin:

  • activation of protein synthesis and anabolic processes;
  • faster and more complete recovery from workouts;
  • slows down catabolism;
  • a noticeable increase in muscle mass;
  • blocking lipogenesis and fat storage;
  • increased rates of lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation;
  • decrease in the percentage of adipose tissue;
  • strengthening the relief of the muscles;
  • improving body composition.

Plant-derived prohormones have been shown to increase muscle mass without side effects such as gynecomastia or hair loss.

If you want to maintain your testosterone levels or go to the next level without the risk of side effects, Laxogenin is the best option.