What should you know before buying SARMs?

Pharmaceutical companies are expanding their assortment by producing a large number of drugs for medicine and sports. Many people believe it has become easier to create funds to treat various diseases in new technologies. Few people know that most of the new products that appeared on the market after 2000 are the developments of scientists of the 20th century. SARMs are very popular in sports now. These funds were developed in the 40s of the last century to treat diseases associated with a lack of testosterone and other hormones. Also, the drugs were used for muscle atrophy and growth and development delay in children. 

The abbreviation SARMs received such a name for the buyer’s convenience and stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. In action, they differ little from hormonal agents, except for the absence of side effects. The main advantage of modulators is their effect on the growth and development of muscle mass.

How are SARMs different from anabolic steroids?

Each athlete has used a variety of physical aids throughout their career. All drugs and sports supplements differ in composition, properties and, of course, the presence of side effects. Since the release of SARMs, they have become the most popular aid. Now every fourth athlete prefers androgen receptor modulators, contrary to popular belief. Before the production of these funds, anabolic hormones were actively used. It is very difficult for beginners to choose between steroids and SARMs for fat loss or muscle gain. This is due to the small amount of information about such products. 

The distinguishing features of SARMs include the following factors:

  • Lack of aromatisation on the course and consequences such as water accumulation.
  • Does not suppress natural testosterone production.
  • Rehabilitation therapy after the course is not needed.
  • It is possible to gain muscle mass without injections.
  • Not transformed into dihydrotestosterone.
  • It can be combined with other drugs, regardless of the composition.
  • Affordable price, legality, no doping testing.
  • Strengthening the immune system.

It is essential to remember that you can use SARMs regardless of your gender or end goal. These tablets have become indispensable aids in sports and medicine. Many beginners ask the same question- what is the best to use in sports? This question will remain unanswered; since each of the drugs has positive and negative qualities, the choice is always up to the athlete.

Types of SARMs

Types of SARM's

Any sports store has a wide variety of drugs and supplements and, of course, SARMs. The seller offers the buyer the most profitable product for them, but the athlete must understand the types of SARMs to choose the one best suited to them. 

There are two main types of modulators:

  • Steroids were developed at the beginning of the last century and were used for a long time in medicine until the 90s of the 20th century. They are similar in effect to steroids but have the least side effects.
  • The non-steroidal group is viral in professional sports. It improves physical performance without hormonal interference and has effects such as estrogenic manifestations.If an athlete decides to use drugs of this type for sports, they should familiarise themself with all the nuances and understand which manufacturers of SARMs are the most popular and demanded in sports.

MK2866. This is the best type of SARM that has been studied. It is also known as Ostarine. Research has shown that MK-2866 is very effective for building muscle mass, and it is beneficial as it doesn't have many side effects. With MK-2866, you can expect to increase your muscle mass every month.

YK11. It was discovered by Yuichito Kanno and is one of the best SARMs as it is very beneficial for fat loss and muscle building without suffering from serious side effects like liver damage or high blood pressure.

RAD140. It is also known as Testolone and is one of the strongest SARMs available on the market. You increase muscle mass and strength. It also boosts libido.

LGD4033. Here is another type of SARM that is better understood. Ligand Pharmaceuticals first developed it, has undergone many human trials, and has proven to be an interesting drug.

A study in healthy men who took LGD4033 for twenty-one days showed that this drug significantly increases lean body mass. The only side effect is the short-term suppression of testosterone. Taking one milligram of LGD4033 per day produces one significant muscle growth, but the higher the dosage, the better the results.

SR9009. This is another popular type of SARM. In mice, this has been observed to stimulate mitochondrial muscle growth, reduce inflammation, increase endurance, and help shed body fat. However, the rats were given SR9009 as an injection. When taken orally, it may not have the same effect as it has a 2% bioavailability and will be removed from the system as soon as you take it.

MK677 This is more of a growth hormone, and instead of suppressing growth hormones in your body, it adds to them. With the MK677, you can expect a rapid increase in hunger, increased productivity, and significant fat loss.

S-23. It is a non-steroidal type of SARM that is orally active and effectively binds to androgen receptors, resulting in increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass.

How to use SARMs correctly?

How to use SARM's correctly

Several types of SARMs can be used for sports purposes. Depending on the type of drug and its action, you can accurately calculate the dosage and achieve success in just a few months of use.

 It is important to choose a drug specifically for the purpose and experience:

  • Ostarine (MK-2866) is perfect for beginners; it acts quickly and gently without negatively impacting the hormonal system and health. This type of SARM is not dangerous, but it can accelerate muscle recruitment and undergo a drying course with maximum efficiency.
  • For professionals, Ligandrol (LDD-4033) will provide muscle growth, increase strength capabilities, and prevent catabolism. They are powerful drugs; therefore, they are often used by professional athletes. The dosage is very convenient, just one capsule per day of each drug after a meal.
  • For weight loss regardless of gender and excess weight, Cardarine (GW501516) is suitable for fast fat burning. Many do not know how to take SARMs and calculate their dosage. What is worse, people do not understand that it is not worth waiting for a result just from taking a pill. For losing a lot of weight, you need to develop a special diet and exercise regimen. Athletes use this drug during drying to improve muscle relief.

Please note that side effects are virtually eliminated if you use SARMs. But if the athlete neglects the dosage and uses it for a long period of more than 12 weeks, minor disturbances in the whole body’s work may occur.

How do you use SARMs?

Different types of SARMs can be used to achieve any weight gain goals, weight loss, endurance and speed/strength gains, and more.

The right combination of several SARMs will allow you to achieve the best results.

Typically, the SARMs use cycle lasts from 12 to 16 weeks, depending on which type of SARM you choose.

There are several possible scenarios for using SARMs:

  • The SARMs course is very popular as a so-called bridge between using anabolic steroids and not losing all the course results.
  • Using a course of SARMs during post-course therapy.
  • The use of SARMs on anabolic steroid cycle to enhance the effects of steroids.
  • Just using SARMs to achieve your goals in your workouts.

SARMs have tremendous benefits for the average person to consume, and these benefits are significant. SARMs are virtually the only relatively safe way to increase your performance in sports.

Benefits of SARMs

Benefits of SARM's

SARMs act much like steroids without causing the unwanted side effects that steroids can cause. 

Besides, SARMs have many advantages:

  • Oral route of administration.
  • Positive effects include taking testosterone (increased libido, strengthening joints and ligaments, fat burning, growth of lean muscle mass, etc.)
  • No conversion to DHT (dihydrotestosterone, no problem with body hair growth and scalp hair loss).
  • Not converted to estrogen.
  • Not toxic to the liver, unlike methylated compounds such as prohormones and oral steroids.
  • No effect on your testosterone production.
  • They are completely legal.

SARMs can be great helpers in achieving your bodybuilding goals. However, it is essential to avoid overusing them and use common sense when choosing the best SARMs for you.

As with any synthetic substance, the potential for side effects exists. The risk is significantly lower than with other alternatives such as testosterone, but it still exists.

Remember that no official regulatory body controls the quality of SARMs. If you choose to accept them to meet your goals, look for reputable and well-reviewed manufacturers