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Reflex Labs Stenabolic SR-9009 8mg 90 Capsules

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What Is SR-9009 Stenabolic?

Designed for Athletes often called Cardio in a bottle. Stenabolic works by increasing the count of mitochondria and therefore is fantastic for fat loss and increases in endurance. Stenabolic can increase calorie expenditure by 5% causing the body to burn an additional 5% in calories even when resting. However these are not the only positive health benefits seen with Stenabolic.

One of the biggest advantages of Stenabolic is that it can actually alter the core biological clock of the body. By doing this, SR-9009 promotes and stimulates a complete synchronization of the rhythm of activities of the body. This SARM is equally effective to train harder and longer at high intensity. Stenabolic is also beneficial for gaining solid muscle mass and improving energy, performance, and endurance levels.

Benefits Of SR-9009 (Stenabolic)

  • Reduces stubborn abdominal and visceral fat
  • Powers intense workouts
  • Reduces inflammation and improves lipid metabolism
  • Faster gains in muscle and strength
  • Promotes wakefulness and reduce inflammation
  • Increases mitochondria amount
  • Enhances recovery and muscle growth
  • Rapid muscle mass gains
  • Improves sense of wellbeing
  • Increases vascularity and bone strength
  • Increases muscle mass and size.
  • 5% increase in calorie expenditure
  • Improvements in cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Muscle hypertrophy
  • Reduction in Plasma triglycerides by 12%
  • Reduction in Total cholesterol by 47%
  • Reduction in Plasma non-esterified fatty acids by 23%
  • Reduction in Plasma glucose by 19%
  • Reduction n Plasma insulin level by 35%
  • Reduction in Cytokine IL-6 by a whopping 72% 

How To Use SR-9009 (Stenabolic)?

Cycle Length

Stenabolic is best used in cycles of 8-12 weeks by men and 6-8 weeks by women though this can differ according to individual preferences and cycle requirements.

Dosage For Men

The recommended dosage of Stenabolic for men is 10-30mg every day, preferably 30-40 minutes before workouts and after meals, in a cycle of eight to twelve weeks.

Dosage For Women

For women, the recommended dose of Stenabolic is 5-10mg every day, preferably 30-40 minutes before workouts and after meals, in a cycle of six to eight weeks

Product Half Life

The half-life of this SARM is around 4-6 hours and therefore twice a day (two equal split doses of 5-15mg each for male users and 2.5-5mg each for female users: once in the morning and once in the evening) dosing is fine.

Stacking SR-9009

Stenabolic can be stacked with a number of Sarms to increase its effectivity.  RAD140, MK-677 (Ibutamoren) and MK-2866 (Ostarine) can be added to enhance results. Stenabolic is best stacked with SARMs such as RAD-140, MK-677 (Ibutamoren), LGD-4033, and MK-2866 (Ostarine) for bulking and with GW-501516 for cutting.

Typical Results

The use of Stenabolic is associated with improved sense of well-being in countless ways. SR-9009 users report dramatic improvements in the glucose and endurance levels. Not only this, most users have reported SR-9009 reduces plasma triglycerides, plasma glucose, plasma insulin, total cholesterol, and plasma non-esterified fatty acids.

In addition to these distinctive advantages, Stenabolic is also associated with dramatic reductions in the level of cholesterol breakdown by the liver that reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Do I Need A PCT & Other Supplements?

We recommend adding Bodybuilt Labs SARMs Cycle Support 90 Capsules to any Sarm cycle. Cycle support will maximise the results and provide you with the requirements your body needs during extensive training & body recomposition.

SR-90009 Does not require a PCT


 For advice on what Sarms are right for you check out our Sarms Guide.

Please Note: We ship worldwide. Due to varying laws country to country we sell SARMS for research purposes only. 

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23 Reviews
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Excellent product

Best service and quality

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Stenabolic SR-9009

Amazing product no any side effects

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cardio in a bottle is true for sure .. defo improved .. feel like weight loss is defo happening but also not quite sure yet due to cardio increase and calorie deficit with food..but defo reccomend

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No side effects.

Good strength gains, no side effects.

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Very effective

Very effective product and at good price.

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