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It’s really sad news for the SARMs Store today. Maybe you have heard already, as many other companies have made announcements over the last few weeks amid the rumours. 

But, it has been confirmed that China will be banning and criminalising Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) for production, trade, import, and export. New laws go into force on January 1 2020, although all factories have already ceased production. The most commonly-understood prediction is that China will be ceasing export ahead of this date, from December 25 2019. 

As you may already know, all raws are produced in China. There are only a few huge factories producing SARM raws in China and those have already stopped production now. This means that there will be virtually no production and we can all expect a huge shortage of stock in the coming months.

This situation is not only for SARMs. The new law relates to steroids, peptides, nootropics, and a list of other products. Read on to see the extent of the new regulations. 


Trade agreements and wars between the USA and China have been ongoing for a matter of years now. The USA has been applying a lot of pressure to China to stop production of an array of chemicals and materials which are exported to the UK.

The most recent round focused on metabolic- and cognitive-enhancing substances. But it looks like the USA have made an offer that China cannot refuse, and the result is that from January 1, 2020 all these products will be banned and criminalised within China. 

It comes as a lesser surprise that WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency) have been pushing for this. Unlawful use - particularly in professional sport - is on the rise. There has been a huge surge as of late in the number of high-profile athletes caught doping using SARMs. 

We expect that China banned SARMs in response to the growing pressure from the United States in light of recent events. The fentanyl and opioid crises have been truly devastating to its users and it is only responsible that actions are taken to preserve people’s lives. However, this had led to a proposed crackdown in many areas of the pharmaceutical industry, including licensed substances intended for research or medical use. SARMs are included in this list. 

The United States has introduced a new bill in response which will label SARMs as a Schedule 3 drug along with steroids. This is expected to pass later in the year 2020. 


What Now?

Well...we are not quite sure. We hoped it wasn’t that serious, but it does seem like the ban of SARMs will have a crippling effect on the industry. I predict most quality brands will close due to the uncertain quality of raw materials after January 1 2020. 

This also means that you should be incredibly cautious when it comes to finding “new” Chinese suppliers with replenished stock: this more than likely means that raws are being produced outside of the law. These will not be from tested or approved sources, and a supplier that is willing to proceed unlawfully is unlikely to have your safety or best interests at heart. 

What’s more, the fact that they consider operating under the radar speaks volume for their lack of license or proper accreditation. Risking this, you may receive weak or fake products, or perhaps even worse. 

You should not consider buying from suppliers such as these should you come across them. The news is - for now, at least - that China has banned SARMs effective from 2020, and so we must wait to see what this means for trustworthy production. 

As of the law being announced, we have not heard that the China SARMs ban will include Ibutamoren (MK-677). However, you should be aware that everything is yet unknown and, if you are reading this later, you should ensure the legislation is the same as we predict now. 

...And After That?

Here, we have sufficient stock to cover us for 4-8 months. Certain lines will sell out quicker than others, due to unprecedented demand, and slowly become unavailable. I expect others have also stocked up with the short notice given. After that - again, we are not quite sure.

The Chinese government is expected to clarify everything in early January and declare what the new laws mean and how they will be enforced. 

Who knows: the fact that China has banned SARMs may spark other countries to rise to the role of production. India, for instance, already has a hand in the pharmaceutical industry, and SARMs products are legal to produce with appropriate licensing.

However, even if this happens, it will be a long time before these products can be fully tested and suppliers and medical professionals can be assured of their quality. 

Of course, there will be an astronomic increase in demand as supplies begin to run out - both for suppliers and their customers. We expect prices to increase in response, as stock holding lowers across the industry. We will also be increasing prices by 20% from January 1 2020 to compensate for the China SARMs ban. 

So: our advice now is that if you are not already stocked up and want to do so at the “old” prices, then we suggest you do so now. Otherwise, we can expect you will be able to still purchase after January 1 2020 at the new prices. 

However, of course, nothing is guaranteed at the moment. This has come fairly out of the blue and we are all still waiting for further information on what the regulations will mean. The China SARMs ban will undoubtedly have an impact on the SARMs Store and other reputable suppliers worldwide. 

In the meantime, we will do our best to keep you all informed, if and when more announcements are made.


The situation is really sad, and there is no certainty regarding coming perspectives, but they don’t look well right now. If you’re thinking about stocking up, always use a reputable source and make sure you are buying lawfully in your area.


Kindest Regards,

SARMs Store