SARMs Results

Building your body to the physique you want is possible, but it's also difficult. For many bodybuilders and athletes, keeping a strong muscle mass and maintaining physical performance is too much on their body, which is why many turned to steroids in the past.

However, taking harmful substances to enhance muscles is the old way of doing things. These days, SARMs are the way to go. They're a new, improved way to aid the body into getting the physique you desire—whether that's through gaining muscles, losing fat, or both.

If you're new to these supplements, you might be wondering about SARMs results. How long will it take to notice a difference? Are there any side effects? Well, we'll answer those questions and more in this guide. Take a look at the information below to learn more.

What are SARMs?

SARMs is a term that stands for selective androgen receptor modulators, and it’s a type of therapeutic compound. SARMs are known to have a similar effect as androgenic drugs, like steroids.

However, they are generally a lot more precise in their function. But it’s the SARMs precision that makes it so effective and safe to use —which is why they’ve grown in popularity.

SARMs were originally created to help treat issues such as obesity, bone disorders, and muscle wasting caused by ageing and illnesses like cancer. But in recent years, SARMs has gained attraction in the athletic and the bodybuilding world.

They are known to be safer than steroids and reportedly cause little to no side effects. SARMs are post popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders.

Benefits include:

  • Promoting lean muscle growth
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Increased strength gains
  • Encouraging fat Loss

The Difference Between SARMs and Steroids

Most people confuse anabolic-androgenic steroids with selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). Compounds such as trenbolone and testosterone are known for increasing muscle mass. However, they can cause several side effects.

On the other hand, SARMs use a different type of mechanism in contrast to steroids. They offer the same advantages without the horrible aftermath. But that doesn’t mean that SARMs don’t cause side effects, they’re just minimal.

The intensity of the side effects is a lot less. Issues like nausea and lowered hormone levels are a few negative results of SARMs, which is minuscule compared steroid side effects.

However, some SARMs are known to imitate the anabolic effects caused by steroids. For instance, S-23 and testolone are very similar to actual steroids.

In fact, some bodybuilders and athletes stack steroids and SARMs together because it helps them recover faster.

The Similarities and Contrasts Between SARMs and Peptides

Peptides are a certain type of bodybuilding supplement that has less than 50 amino acids. Peptides create fewer side effects than steroids, just like SARMs. Plus, they have no direct anabolic effect, and they are used to boost the secretion of the growth hormone.

The Similarities of SARMs and peptides
  • Both SARMs and peptides have fewer side effects than steroids
  • Peptides and SARMsare legal to purchase under certain circumstances
  • Both have an indirect anabolic effect on bones and muscles
  • Both are muscle-building components
The Contrasts between SARMs and peptides
  • SARMs are a certain type of androgen ligand-receptor. Alternatively, polypeptides chain with amino acids less than 50
  • SARMs attach to the androgen receptor within the muscles and bones to boost their growth, but peptides enhance the release of the growth hormone
  • SARMs create an incredibly selective effect on bone and muscle building. However, the selectivity of peptides is significantly low
  • SARMs are synthetic, but peptides are both natural or synthetic

The Types of SARMs

SARMs results are achieved through various type of SARMs. Below are a few of them:

RAD 140

RAD 140 is relatively new. However, it provides promising SARMs results, including an incredible anabolic to androgenic ratio of 90:1. Essentially, that means users can experience several muscle building effects without all of the usual androgenic side effects.

RAD is strong enough to restrict the negative effect of testosterone on the prostate and other areas of the body. Furthermore, it’s been shown to be more anabolic than testosterone, too.

Dosing is generally between 4mg and 12 mg, along with an optimal cycle length of 4 to 6 weeks. Since it has a shorter half-life of 16 hours, RAD should be dosed at least twice a day.

LGD 4033

LGD 4033 is a SARM like ostarine. However, it’s 12 times more powerful with only a third the dose. Unfortunately, it’s more suppressive to the HPTA. HPTA stands for the Hypothalamus Pituitary Testes Axis.

It’s the combination of the hypothalamus, gonadal glands, and pituitary gland—which plays an essential role in the development and maintenance of the reproductive and immune systems. Therefore a SARM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) post cycle therapy is suggested.

Although ostarine is best used in for cutting, LGD is the better bulking agent. It has a half-life of approximately 24 and 36 hours, so dosing every day is most effective.

On average, healthy men who take 1mg of LGD each day gain roughly three pounds in three weeks on average, according to studies. But with the said, since there’s a potential risk of high estrogen side effects while using LGD, bodybuilders should keep Exemestane on hand.

MK 677

MK 677 is non-hormonal, and it doesn’t require any PCT after the cycle is finished. It is best used in any event a multi-month cycle with measurements expanding every month. The suggested dosing time for MK 677 is during the evening before going to sleep.

After a while, you should begin to see a more profound results relatively quickly. On the off chance that you should experience numb or shivery hands, don't fret. This is a typical symptom of the extra GH within the system.


Ostarine is likely the most notable SARM. It is best used to safeguard muscle bulk while you’re in a caloric deficit. It can and will restrict your regular testosterone creation in longer, higher dosed cycles. Therefore, a SERM PCT is required.

Also, ostarine can cause gyno in certain people, so it is suggested that you have an AI like Exemestane close by. The normal cycle length is 6 to 10 weeks at an average range of 10mg to 25mg.

How Do SARMS Work?

SARMs, unlike anabolic supplements and steroids, have the ability to target only one androgen receptor in the body— the skeletal muscle. This means that you won’t be faced with backlash from the rest of your organs.

Also, you won’t have swelling in places where you shouldn’t because of extensive cell growth. Plus, you won’t be at risk of diseases that could be a result of it.

Generally, anabolic supplements have been linked to prostate cancer and liver damage. As a result, many people turn away from them altogether. That's why SARMs are such a fantastic alternative.

Your androgen receptors are located in cells in various parts of our body. For example, they are located in the muscle tissue, the bones, the liver, and the prostate gland. SARMs have the ability to connect and link themselves to these androgen receptors selectively. Basically, they are capable of only linking themselves to muscle and bone cells, and not the prostate gland and liver.

The reason why that's good is because you don’t get the side-effects that are caused by increasing growth cells in the prostate gland and liver. This will keep you safe from cancer and diseases that are possibly triggered by the anabolic steroids. You'll get the advantages of increased activity within your muscle and bone cells, which provides the results you need without causing harm.

Most SARMs are enhanced to be intelligent enough to mimic the way testosterone works within the body. Plus, they are capable of doing so without putting you in danger. They trick your body to do its job while encouraging healthy steroid alternatives and great SARMs results.

SARMs signal and link themselves to the androgen receptors located specifically within your bone and muscle cells. They generate an increase in protein synthesis, which enhances your overall strength and nitrogen retention. Furthermore, SARMs may even increase lipolysis.

What Type of SARMs Results to Expect

While bulking on SARMs, most people can expect to pick up as much as 30 pounds in a short period, which roughly a few months. However, that timeframe is just an approximate gauge. The actual timeframe could be longer or shorter depending on your experience, exercise routine, diet, dosage, and your devotion to working out.

On the other hand, if you lift weights and have knowledge about nutrition, you could anticipate quick and promising SARMs results from each cycle. For muscle gain, you can start with ostarine, which is one of the most established SARMs ever made and studied. Ostarine has also undergone a number of clinical trials.

If you want to gain muscles and reduce fat, consider a cycle of stacking ostarine, cardarine, and LGD 4033.

Obviously, everyone can't expect tremendous SARMs results just by taking them. However, if you stay on top of your nutrition and fitness routine, you may see really good results fast.

You may not notice a difference in two weeks, but you won't have to wait too long to begin seeing an amazing transformation. SARMs results for muscle building usually begins to show in about 4 to 16 weeks.

After only one twelve-week cycle, SARMs can give you an added ten kilograms of bulk. SARMs are a simple, powerful, and quick solution. Even better, they are less expensive than other health and fitness supplements.

SARMs Dosage Guideline

As a standard guideline, below are the maximum dosages for common SARMs:

  • Ostarine: 50mg per day
  • Testolone: 30mg per day
  • MK-677: 25mg per day
  • Ligandrol: 20mg per day
  • Cardarine: 20mg per day
  • YK-11: 10mg per day

It’s a good idea not to take any more than these dosages on a daily basis. Otherwise, it could result in serious side effects.

Does SARMs Have Side Effects?

The side of SARMs is minimal. Most SARMs, Ostarine included, is non-methylated so it won't damage the liver.

Some people have reported side effects are fatigued lethargy. However, under the suggested dosage the chances of having these side effects are extremely low.

Honestly, since SARMs is generally new, research hasn’t been able to show the long-lasting effects of using SARMs. Although they were created to be a gentler alternative to anabolic steroids initially.

Whether or not a person experiences side effects also depends on the strength of the SARM. For instance, a more potent SARM could have a higher risk of side effects. Some of the mild side effects include:

  • A reduction in sperm count and testosterone levels
  • Acne
  • Oily hair and skin
  • Mood swings
  • Changes in cholesterol levels
  • Changes in libido
  • Cysts
  • Psychological addiction

On the contrary, some people reported irreparable side effects of SARMs that were taken in higher doses such :

  • Hair loss
  • Liver issues
  • Heart dysfunction
  • Increased risk of cancer

The more serious side effects are rare. The best way to avoid them is to make sure that take the proper dosage amount.

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