RAD-140 dosage and complete cycle guide

For decades, anabolic hormones have been used in sports to increase muscle mass and strength of athletes. But these drugs have many side effects, therefore the pharmaceutical industry has set itself the goal of creating drugs that would have an effect only on muscle mass, without side effects. And it succeeded - drugs from the SARMs group were created. One of the most effective drugs in this group is Radarin (RAD 140).

Anabolic steroids are substances that act like male sex hormones. They activate anabolic processes in the body and have an androgenic (testosterone-like) action. The action of anabolic steroids is multifaceted, including, they have a number of side effects. This is primarily due to the androgenic effect: an increase in the volume of the prostate gland, inhibition of the production of their own genital hormones and related sexual dysfunctions against the background of drug withdrawal. 

Substances of the SARMs group (selective androgen receptor modulators) are non-hormonal agents. They bind to androgen receptors in tissues and have a predominantly anabolic effect. Side effects are minimal. Therefore, they received their well-deserved popularity as an alternative to anabolic hormones.

Rad140 review

RADARINE (RAD 140) is the latest generation of SARMs. It has anabolic properties, but is not a hormone and almostdoes not have an androgenic effect. RAD 140 contributes to:

  • an increase of dry (without excess water and fat) muscle mass

  • accelerated synthesis of ATP and the formation of energy, which allows increasing endurance of athletes during training

  • strengthening the bones and enamel of the teeth

  • prevention of degenerative changes in the brain

  • elimination of side effects caused by taking testosterone and steroid anabolic steroids

  • quick recovery after training.

How does RAD 140 build muscle?

How does RAD 140 build muscle

RAD 140 selectively stimulates muscle growth. For this a relatively small dosage is required, which cannot provide:

  • androgenic action, that is, it does not contribute to the enlargement of the prostate gland and does not suppress its own secretion of sex hormones

  •  negative effects on the liver

  • any aftereffect after the course of admission; while recruited muscle the mass after taking is completely preserved.

Muscle building and fat burning occurs with Radarine faster than other SARMs. The effect will be noticeable already a week after starting to take the supplement.

Additional of RAD 140

  • In the process of laboratory studies on animals, it was found that Radarin is able to have a positive effect on brain cells (neurons), preventing their premature aging. This property can be used to prevent such degenerative processes in the brain as senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

  • According to research, Radarin can also be used to strengthen bones in postmenopausal women, when  bones lose calcium in the background decrease in the secretion of estrogen.

Radarine is available as a food supplement in 10 mg tablets (in one vial 30 tablets). The main manufacturer is Radius (UK). RAD 140 is recommended for athletes to increase muscle mass, burning fat and increasing stamina. It is equally effective for men and the female body.

Recommended dosages of Radarine for athletes

Doses for athletes are recommended to be selected individually, depending on weight and physical activity. 

  • For an athlete weighing 80 - 85 kg, one tablet (10 mg) a day is enough one hour after a meal for a month. 
  • If you weigh more than 85 kg, you can take another pill after training (but not more than 30 mg per day). 

Taking the drug should be combined with a sufficient daily protein intake (from 3 g per 1 kg of body weight), food calories and intense training under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Radarin has only positive reviews from the athletes who took it. RAD-140 is indicated for both men and women as it does not affect hormonal levels.

Radarin is an effective and safe sports supplement capable of in a short time, significantly increasing the indicators of muscle mass and endurance to physical activity in athletes of both sexes, without exerting negative side effects.

The exceptional anabolic activity of Radarin is due to its targeted effect on protein synthesis. This provokes a noticeable and intense muscle growth. The muscle mass after ingestion is dry, and does not contain excess water or fat.

The drug improves blood circulation and promotes the protection of neural connections. Athletes note that the effect of the so-called rollback is completely absent. After the course of admission, the achieved result is saved.

RAD-140 is a certified product. Radarin has been tested with a high-precision chromatography method, which has shown its effectiveness and safety. It has been proven that Radarin has an effect similar to that of testosterone. Like other drugs in the SARMs group, it binds to male sex hormones, otherwise called androgens, and interacts with them, enhancing their work. As a result, physical performance improves. In addition, there was an increase in lean muscle mass, without excess water or fat. The volumes acquired during the intake represent the developed muscles.

One of the important advantages of Radarin is that it does not adversely affect the functioning of the reproductive system, does not change the hormonal background and does not overload the liver. In addition to its main action, namely increasing muscle volume, Radarin has other positive effects. In particular, blood circulation improves, the nervous system stabilizes. Some athletes also note the lipolytic effect of the drug.

Radarin's research

Radarin's research

The drug belongs to the newest generation IV, was first described in 2010. People taking the drug also note its high efficiency and good tolerance. Radarin gained popularity both among professional athletes and became useful for amateurs. It is noted that Radarin has advantages over testosterone. Excess testosterone in the body can have side effects such as inflammation of the prostate, baldness, and others. At the same time, testosterone is an androgen, the main male sex hormone. Without it, you can’t  develop muscles and improve strength indicators. Additional doses of testosterone provoke negative side effects, including cases of prostate cancer. The drugs of the SARMs group, to which Radarin belongs, perfectly stimulate androgenic activity, while not provoking negative consequences.

The key to success is a balance of training and rest, a balanced diet. Sport supplements can be of significant help in achieving your goal. In order to draw up an optimal training program and course of taking medications, consult with a specialist. Based on knowledge about the characteristics of your body, your health status, current lifestyle and your wishes regarding the result, he will give useful recommendations.