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SARMs For Treating Hypogonadism

In recent years, the human populations get impacted by a wide range of health diseases and complications. A disease that is slowly but steadily spreading up is Male hypogonadism, also known as testosterone deficiency. In this piece of information, we will be reading about this health condition and how selective androgen receptor modulators can be used to treat hypogonadism.


Male hypogonadism can be classified as a health condition in which the human body does not produce much of testosterone. Remember, testosterone is the hormone that plays the all-important role in masculine growth and development during the stage of puberty. This health condition can also be used to denote the impaired ability of the body to produce sperm.

Hypogonadism may be a condition someone is born with or it may develop later in life, usually from infection or injury. Male hypogonadism can be treated with selective androgen receptor modulators.

Hypogonadism Treatment Options

In the past, several testosterone preparations were used for treating hypogonadism in the ageing male. These treatment therapies differ in their regional availability, flexibility, expense, and convenience. Of all the available therapies, treatment with Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) is considered to be the best. This is primarily because SARMs demonstrate and provide anabolic advantages in the absence of androgenic effects on hair, skin, and the prostate.

It is worthwhile to note here that late onset hypogonadism encompasses a wide list of signs and symptoms including but not limited to fatigue, sexual dysfunction, low lean body mass, and reduced bone mineral density. All these signs and symptoms are associated with low testosterone levels and usually drive the patient to seek medical assistance.

In 1990s, Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) were reported as nonsteroidal androgen receptor agonists. These compounds had unique pharmacology and operate as full agonists in anabolic tissues such as bone and muscles but partial agonists in androgenic tissues such as skin, hair, and the prostate. This unique and unmatched advantage of Selective androgen receptor modulators was recognised immediately by researchers and medical practitioners.

For instance, Ostarine (Enobosarm) has been evaluated for its efficacy and advantageous characteristics on physical function and body composition in different clinical studies. In a study, 3mg of Ostarine or placebo was administered to 48 postmenopausal women for 12 weeks. Ostarine significantly increased total lean body mass in comparison to placebo (1.54 kg; P < 0.001). Not only this, Ostarine (also known as MK-2866) increased thigh muscle volume by 0.17L from baseline to day 84 compared to a reduction of 0.12L in the placebo group. A 22 lbs increase was noticed in leg muscle strength in the Ostarine treatment group compared to just 1.5 lb in patients receiving placebo.

In a different dose-response study, subjects received placebo or Ostarine at a daily dosage of 0.1, 0.3, 1.0, or 3.0 mg for 12 weeks. The study involved 120 healthy elderly men under the age of 60 years and postmenopausal women. Ostarine dose-dependently increased the level of total lean body mass and reduced total fat mass at the same time. Ostarine at a dose of 3.0 mg increased lean body mass by 1.3kg (P < 0.001) that was accompanied by a reduction of about 0.6kg (P = 0.049) in total fat mass relative to placebo. The research subjects also demonstrated a dose-dependent increase in stair climbing power (P = 0.013). They also demonstrated an improvement in the time needed to climb 12 steps.

In another study, Ostarine and placebo were administered to 159 patients with a variety of cancers. The research subjects experienced a dramatic increase after four months of Ostarine treatment in terms of total lean body mass at 1.0 mg (1.5kg; P = 0.0012) and 3.0 mg (P = 0.046). Moreover, there was an average increase of 18 percent for 1mg (P = 0.001) and 21.7 percent for 3mg (P = 0.0065 at 3mg) observed in stair climb power with dramatic improvements in the time required to climb 12 steps.

A big majority of testosterone products that are approved for treating hypogonadism need parenteral administration. The levels of testosterone can be restored to steady-state through different delivery techniques and formulations. However, most of these products when administered through intramuscular injections result in huge fluctuations in circulating testosterone. Moreover, they are long acting (2-14 weeks) that inhibits rapid dose adjustments or cessation in case of adverse events.

On the other hand, SARMs such as Ostarine are capable of anabolic advantages at low milligram doses. These orally bioavailable drugs are also characterised by prolonged elimination half-lives that leads to minimal peak-to-trough fluctuations. This characteristic also makes SARMs amenable to once a day dosage.

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