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SARMs UK : What you need to know for 2020

Theres a lot of misconceptions, scrutiny & overall confusion in the world of Sarms in 2020.

We've summarised key points and updates surrounding selective androgen receptor modulators & the current law status in 2020.


Legality: At the time of writing SARM's by law are not illegal. They are not on any substance/ banned list. However the use in sport is prohibited by WADA and most other sports governing bodies. SARM's without question enhance sporting performance and ability so it was quick to become recognised within sporting bodies.

So sarms are legal in the UK?: Well although there is very little information around SARM's the FSA (Foods standards agency) have stated that these products are classed as a "Novel Food". A novel food is food is defined as a food which does not have any significant history of consumption or has been produced by a method that has not previously been used for food. Another commonly known novel food is CBD also known as cannabidiol. Novel foods should not be sold for human consumption unless passed as an authorised novel food.

Clinical Trials: There have been numerous studies and medical trials showing promise that SARM's one day will be used for medical applications. The ability to create lean muscle tissue whilst having minimal side effects results in a very attractive property. No liver damage or signs of any life threatening issues means they are certainly on the map for future medicines. But we will have to wait for some time to see products containing sarms enter the medical market.


Androgen receptor modulator SARM are strictly sold as research chemicals in the USA. Meaning they are not to be sold for human consumption. Products such as Ostarine MK-2866, RAD140 / Testolone, Cardarine & MK677 all sit under this law. However this may soon change. The US FDA issued the SARM CONTROL ACT of 2019. This bill if passes will mean all products under this law will be strictly prohibited for possession & sale. They will regulated under the DEA (drug enforcement act) and be essentially classed in the same group as anabolic steroids. However most believe this bill wont pass for some time if at all. So products such as Ibutamoren, S4 Andarine, Ligandrol LGD-4033 & GW501516 remain legal for sale as research chemicals.


China introduced a blanket Ban on SARMS, Prohormones, Steroids & a wide range of raw API's & Chemicals. Its rumoured this was due from an increase in trade pressure from the USA to reduce doping within sport & also narcotic substance abuse. This has resulted in a huge scarcity in many raw ingredients & supplies. It's still uncertain wether other countries such as India or Vietnam pickup on this huge API market. We do know China in the past has relaxed its laws after periods of time or granted licenses to larger more established suppliers. We have a larger blog write up on China here


Other countries also share differing rules on Sarms, many countries in Europe such as the Netherlands & Spain have loose restrictions on Sarms. Whereas countries such as Australia have a ban on these products. What we can say is that SARMS are still a new class of chemicals which have unique & significant properties and laws are still vague and yet to be determined. Our advice is before purchasing SARM's do you research into the latest laws for your country wether your a researcher, recreational user, athlete, Bodybuilder, Science institute or Test monkey.


Due to the complexity of the Laws on SARM's we have taken the following aproach and do not sell SARM's for human consumption. That means anybody purchasing SARM's must be purchasing for research purposes only. You may find other mainstream sites selling these products as supplements in the UK but we have beed advised these products would be classed as "Non authorised novel food" To comply with the spectrum of differing laws and regulations we felt this approach allows us to continue to focus on product quality & customer service. Our products are assured to be the highest quality you can find.


It really depends who you ask. In terms of human consumption SARMS are known in studies to have properties to burn fat, cause rapid fat loss, build muscle and counter muscle loss with no reported side effects. There has also been studies showing these could be potentially dangerous and reduce natural testosterone levels.

Sarms are not your walk in the park pre-workout and shouldn't for any minute be compared to one. SARM's are a powerful anabolic agent and are commonly compared to anabolic steroids. Like all things theres a risk/reward element with serious supplements which is why these are so commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes. But the answer is there really isn't enough history on these products.


This post has not been evaluated by the MHRA or Food and drug administration. This article is not intended to be advice and serves only as a guide.