In the last few years, the market for anatomic, clinical, and genetic testing has grown exponentially across the globe. This is clearly evident from the fact that the revenues associated with drugs-of-abuse testing are likely to jump from $2.7 billion in 2015 to $4.9 billion by 2019.

However, many drug manufacturers and sellers have started to explore the loopholes of the system. This is done with by them projecting themselves as the best and genuine providers of top-grade drugs. The world of Selective androgen receptor modulators is not left untouched by these unethical practices.

Let us read about the concept of third-party drug testing. We will also read about the associated purity standard techniques and drug testing loopholes that are exploited by drug sellers. We will then read about the best ways to identify and purchase research-grade and genuine Selective androgen receptor modulators.

Whether in manufacturing or drugs, substances or ingredients are most efficient when they are pure. Here, purity can be defined as the lack or absence of impurities or forms of matter other than the substance or ingredient itself. For this, drug manufacturers and sellers across the world use various tests for checking purity, ranging from simple visual comparisons to highly-sophisticated lab techniques.

Methods To Check Product Purity

Physical Comparison With A Pure Standard

One of the most common and simplest ways for checking the purity of substances is to compare them with a certified pure sample. For this, lab technicians may engage in visual comparison to identify the presence of impurities such as differently-coloured impurities. A smell test may be performed for comparing the substance with a pure sample if it is non-toxic and any dissimilar odours would indicate the presence of impurities.

Analytical Procedure

This procedure includes but is not limited to the reference standard, the sample, and the reagents' preparations, generation of the calibration curve, use of the apparatus, use of the formulae for the associated calculations, etc.

Assay (Potency or Content)

Assay procedures are performed for measuring the analyte that is present in the provided sample. The assay represents a quantitative measurement of the primary/active ingredient(s) in the drug substance.

It is important to note here that the impurities in drug substances are addressed from different perspectives:

Safety Aspects. They include classification and identification of impurities, a brief discussion of the analytical procedures, listing of impurities in specifications, and report generation.

Chemistry Aspects. They include specific guidelines for qualifying those impurities that were present at substantially lower levels. Or, it may include impurities that were not present in batches of a new drug substance that is used in clinical and safety studies.

Category of Impurities

Impurities can be categorised into three categories:

Organic impurities (drug- and process-related): These impurities can be volatile or non-volatile, identified or unidentified, and include by-products, intermediates, starting materials, reagents, ligands, and catalysts, or degradation products.

Inorganic Impurities: These impurities may result from the manufacturing process. Generally, inorganic impurities are identified and known and include inorganic salts, reagents, ligands, and catalysts or heavy metals or other residual metals, or other materials (such as filter aids, charcoal, etc.)

Residual Solvents: These are organic or inorganic liquids that are used as "vehicles" for the preparations of suspensions or solutions in the synthesis of a new drug substance.

Now that we have read about drug testing and the associated methods in details, let us move our focus to how certain manufacturers and sellers identify the loopholes in the drug-testing system. This will help us realise why blindly trusting third-party drug testing is a HUGE mistake and how you should buy SARMs for sale.

Loopholes with third-party drug testing - how fake SARMs sellers fool buyers?

Manufacturers submit a very small quantity of drug (usually, 2 grams) to a third-party drug testing unit for checking the purity and authenticity of the drugs and their tall claims. Remember, only a very small quantity is submitted and the purity and quality of this meagre “quantity” may or may not reflect in the subsequent batches of the products for which the pure samples were submitted. Yes, you are reading that absolutely correctly.

Let us understand this more clearly with the help of an example. For instance, a supplier of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators may submit 2 grams each of products such as Ostarine, Nutrabol, Cardarine, Andarine, Ligandrol, Steanbolic, and Testolone. The "submitted samples" may be of the highest-possible pure products to get amazing results from the third-party drug-testing laboratory.

Obviously, these "pure products" will be termed as pure by the lab and a certificate of drug purity and authenticity with purity levels above 98 percent would be issued. It is at this moment that the SARMs sellers may decide to use these purity certificates to their malicious advantage.

How? Once the purity certificates are received with a purity rating of above 98 percent (even 99.9 percent in some cases), the seller of SARMs may change the ingredients, partially or completely. This is done to maximise profits and this may even happen at the cost of your health.

The seller may underdose or overdose the products. Underdosing is done to make quick profits despite being fully aware that the products will then not work for you as you expected. On the other hand, overdosing is done so that you experience quick results and shower them with word-of-mouth recommendations or purchase more.

This is when the seller is in fact deliberately making you overdose on extremely potent products. It is despite him fully aware that this can result in health complications such as stroke and even death in rare cases).

Remember, overdosing of any product is harmful and even lethal, and SARMs are no different. In short, third-party drug testing results can be twisted or tweaked by a SARMs seller to win your trust and encourage you to make impulse purchases. Obviously, this is NOT healthy and ethical manufacturing or marketing process example by any standard. In fact, it can be EXTREMELY dangerous for your health and you must make every possible effort to stay protected at all times.

So, what now? How should you trust and purchase legit SARMs safely and securely? How can you buy SARMs for sale? What are the steps, tips, tricks, and techniques you can employ to buy best SARMs that are of research-grade and of the highest quality?

Trust a SARMs seller that has been in the industry for a while

One of the best ways to identify a provider of genuine SARMs online to buy SARMs on sale is to choose a reputed seller of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. It should be in the health, wellness, fitness, and bodybuilding industry for a while. Moreover, this seller should have a positive reputation on its website and unbiased fitness and bodybuilding forums.

However, you should also note here that some SARMs sellers of products such as Ostarine, Cardarine, and Nutrabol hire the services of marketing experts. These so-called fitness enthusiasts only know how to defend their “employer” and criticise other brands. You should observe a high sense of care and diligence.

For instance, you may notice that a group of forum owners and moderators are driving and influencing the purchase decisions of the forum members by ONLY directing them to a particular online store that deals in Selective androgen receptor modulators. Wondering why? These “forum moderators” and their “teams of marketers who are also found on the forums” get free products from “their favourite SARMs selling websites” for their positive feedback.

These moderators and their teams will delete every negative comment or feedback about their “employer” or defend anything malicious by going to every possible height. For instance, they will claim that liquid SARMs are better than capsulated SARMs. Seriously?

We recommend you to read this post on which one is better: capsulated SARMs or liquid SARMs. All we need to do is to use common sense and buy SARMs on sale, smartly and intelligently!

Trust unbiased reviews and product feedback

Over a period of time, you will learn the art of differentiating between the “genuine” and the “fake” providers of Selective androgen receptor modulators. Till then, you must also choose a reputable provider of genuine and legit Selective androgen receptor modulators.

Before you decide to buy Ostarine or any other SARM, you must carefully evaluate the website of the SARM seller. If anything seems fishy, you can just close the browser window and proceed to another web store to buy SARMs on sale.

Why? These SARMs sellers offer their products by taking advantage of the loopholes of the laws and regulations under which research as products sold as research purposes go unregulated. Let us now imagine a situation.

Since these products are for research purposes only, they will obviously be purchased by drug centres, laboratories, etc. So, how come SARMs sold by them are available for sale to almost everyone?

Do you really think that these SARMs sellers even bother to check whether the buyers of their products are actually researchers? Absolutely not! We hope you are getting the point!

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