What are the SARMs of Andarine S4?

Andarine or S4 is one of the most common and popular drugs in the SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) category. It was originally developed to treat muscle atrophy and a variety of other conditions.

S4 is one of the most powerful connections. Moreover, it begins to act very quickly. Thanks to it, athletes can count on impressive results in the shortest possible time. Due to its high efficiency, S4 is popular in all strength sports, especially bodybuilding.

S4 is considered to be more potent and beneficial compared to other SARMs such as Ligandrol LGD-4033

GTX Laboratories first manufactured it in the course of research aimed at treating diseases:

  • Senile muscle wasting.
  • Muscular dystrophy.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Benign enlargement of the prostate.

Andarine has shown promising results in animal trials. Numerous medical research groups currently conduct various human trials to find more beneficial effects on skeletal muscle mass, strength, and bone density. Although S4 has yet to be prescribed by medical practitioners, it is included in aspiring athletes’ fitness regimen. Besides, the selectivity of the drug eliminates the many side effects that traditional steroids bring.

How does Andarine S4 work?

S4 attaches to AR and sticks to it. AR interacts with testosterone every time S4 triggers it to release genes that favour muscle and bone growth. In other words, Andarine S4 is a form of SARM that generates selective anabolic activity. This stimulation produces more protein, which allows you to build muscle. Andarine S4 can induce muscle development in the same way as steroids.

Andarine SARMs S4 helps increase lean body mass without increasing exercise or changing your daily diet. Taking Andarin may have a fat reduction effect. The reduction in body fat depends on genetics, namely, its ability to influence the body and oxidise adipose tissue.

Benefits of Andarine

Benefits of Andarine
  • The advantage of Andarine SARMs S4 is the high efficiency of the drug, even at low dosages. Thanks to its fast action and high bioavailability, you can see the first serious results within a few weeks. Due to its high anabolic effect, S4 can be expected to act similar to illegal steroids. The main effect of the drug will be to accelerate muscle strength and mass, as well as to strengthen bones.
  • Andarine is guaranteed to accelerate muscle growth. Moreover, it does not lead to excess fluid retention in the body or edema, like some other drugs. One of the significant effects of this SARM is an impressive increase in strength performance. Already after two weeks, you will be able to notice that the weight began to grow steadily at an accelerated pace.
  • According to research, Andarine SARMs S4 does not undergo aromatisation (the process of converting testosterone to estrogen). This eliminates the risk of estrogenic side effects such as water retention, hair loss, gynecomastia.
  • S4 increases testosterone production and thus helps to increase energy levels, enhancing endurance and strength.
  • Improving metabolic activity contributes to muscle gain and weight loss.
  • While reports have suggested that natural testosterone levels are declining slightly, there are no reports of this. The suppression may be due to its anabolic activity, but the researchers argue that lower doses do not strongly suppress the pituitary gland’s hypothalamus.

Combination with other SARMs

For more pronounced muscle growth and increased action, Andarin is often combined with LGD-4033, RAD-140, SR-9009, YK-11, MK-677. Such ligaments allow you to gain impressive volumes of clean muscles in a short time, as well as achieve perfect relief.

If you are training in a calorie deficit and want to get in shape and maintain muscle volume, the combination of S4 with MK677 is optimal. If you are an experienced athlete, you can also add YK-11, LGD-4033, or RAD-140 to this bundle.

Andarin is also combined with other drug categories. Many positive reports are being published from the compound on the Andarin and Trenbolone course. Even with low dosages, the ligament had a huge impact on the increase in muscle volume. However, it is worth noting that there is currently no complete information on how to combine SARMs and other drugs, so caution should be exercised when combining them.

Andarin vs. Ostarine

The two compounds are often associated with each other due to similar effects. It is impossible to say unequivocally which drug will perform better in individual situations. It is believed that Ostarine is more effective on drying and in cycles where it is necessary to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. It is also effective in recovering from injuries. However, its anabolic effects are not nearly as powerful as Andarine SARMs S4. Therefore, S4 is primarily used for a pronounced increase in net mass and strength. Overall, both drugs are incredibly popular.

Possible side effects

Possible side effects

You don't have to worry about classic side effects like acne, gynecomastia, fluid retention, hair loss and others when taking S4. However, this does not mean that the S4 has no side effects.

  • Taking Andarin can inhibit the natural production of certain hormones, such as testosterone. It is recommended to undergo rehabilitation therapy to return the testosterone level to the initial values ​​after the S4 course. It should also be borne in mind that the drug has not been fully investigated for the presence of long-term side effects. However, few can boast of such studies.
  • Some of the athletes have problems with vision in dim light. This is because the S4 molecule binds to receptors in the retina. Most often, this happens at night when they move from dark to light places. However, this effect is reversible and immediately disappears when you stop taking pills.

Dosages of SARMs Andarine S4

S4 is almost perfect at low to medium dosages. Given that Andarin has high anabolic activity, it is recommended not to experiment with high values dosages. For most athletes, the range will be 25 to 75 mg per day.

The daily dosage is recommended to be divided into several doses throughout the day to obtain a more pronounced effect. The compound’s exact half-life is unknown, but it is reported to be approximately 4-6 hours. The daily rate should be divided into 2-3 doses at different times based on these data.

The optimal dosage is 50 mg. According to most research and practical observation, the 25 to 50 mg range provides the best results.

Taking SARMs must be combined with a well-designed nutritional plan and taking sports supplements. Sports nutrition will allow you to replenish the nutritional deficiency you will definitely experience on the SARMs course.

SARMs allow your body to work at 200%, which means you need even more nutrients than you previously received.