SARMs VS Prohormones

What drugs are more effective SARMs or Prohormones? Many beginner athletes look for this answer when they get the goal to keep fit and improve their bodies. There are many streams of physical training, which makes a goal of people’s body characteristics like CrossFit, cardio training, strength training such as powerlifting, etc. 

All the sportsmen think about the question “How can I lift my endurance and my strength characteristics?” Some of them use SARMs or Prohormone stacks, which are very popular methods. In this article, we made a wide review of these 2 nutritional supplements, their benefits, and health risks by their use.

SARMs quickly review

SARMs quickly review

SARM(Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) is a substance of chemical compounds, which influence some androgen hormone metabolism processes in local parts of the body, like muscle growth. They have an anabolic effect but more selective than other drugs of the same class. Anabolic effects of RASMs are often used by professional athletes to quickly increase muscle strength and size. 

These receptor modulators connect to your bone cells and muscle tissue and activate cells' grown processes and local enzyme metabolic effect. Concluding by this we can say that you don’t need to worry about facing backlash to your health.

  • S4, 
  • Ligandrol, 
  • Testolone.

The most popular of these compounds are: 

  • Ostarine, 

Speaking about the benefits of SARMs, we must talk about their fast effect in fat mass loss without muscle mass lost even with hardworking training or cardio. It is, thus, in a tissue-selective manner that SARMs activate coregulators and transcription factors or signaling cascade proteins to promote anabolic activity. They also don’t produce estrogen level uplift.

People do not have a lot of scientific information about the side effects of using SARMs and their effective results in the long term. But in short, time using it looks like a good achievement of nowadays pharmacy. Donald D. Ashley, director of the Office of Compliance in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research said that SARMs can increase heart attack or stroke, and life-threatening reactions like liver damage. 

Using SARMs you must be careful with controlling health and taking post cycle therapy. You must know, the harsher the cycle the greater the post cycle therapy needs to be.

Prohormones quickly review

Prohormones quickly review

Many people are looking out for a quick fix rather than putting in the physiological effort needed for muscle mass growth. 

Prohormones have wide use in the UK, so as SARMs. Prohormones in bodybuilding have another meaning, as in science. In the sports world, we use this to say about the only one compound which is the precursor of androgens. The more abundant androgens in the body, like Testosterone and  Dihydrotestosterone, increase muscle strength and decrease fat levels at the same time. 

The most popular prohormonal sports drugs are:

  • Androtest, 
  • Decalone, 
  • Nanodrol.

After the cycle finishes, we advise you to take a four-week break from any hormone-altering compounds to allow your endocrine system recreation to normal health status.

The main benefits of prohormones are changes in water weight in your body, uplifting of your muscle endurance and appetite. Some changes in metabolism improve your muscle strength and activate their faster growth.

A side effect of prohormones taken looks often like libido changing, your behavior will be more aggressive, headaches and sleeplessness which may change some aspects of your personality.

It seems to be difficult to compare these two types of muscle growing drugs in the abstractive model, that’s why we made this table to keep its process easy. We answered FAQs by this theme and sorted them into categories. This anabolics drugs comparison can see in the table below.

SARMs VS Prohormones comparison table

Characteristics name

SARMs type drugs

Prohormone type drugs

endocrine system using



number of sides effects

have not a lot of information about clinical experiments of usage

near 10

Health risks

heart attack or stroke, possibly liver damage

a stroke or heart attack, liver and other organs damaging, decreasing immune system functions, increasing of blood pressure, can elevate cholesterol levels

Needs PCT



Take part in body metabolism

selective action

changes in endocrine system balance

Using by medical drug 

Not used, only in the testing phase in the laboratory or for medical experiments

Yes, in using to pharmaceutical treatment 

Prohormones and SARMs using comparing

Prohormones and SARMs using comparing

The positive side of these chemical compounds is that these substances can help people, who suffer from obesity or decreased motivation for physical activity and, as a result, make the world healthier.

Looking at the result of comparing SARMs vs Prohormones, we can say that both drugs have the risk for health damage.

Prohormones are more popular in the UK because of their known pharmaceutical effects and long-term use in the treatment of osteoporosis and other bones and muscles illness and then in supportive therapy for patients with bulimia or hormonal disorders. This is the basis of trust triggers that marketers use to sell people this drug. Some people think that it’s simply better to use prohormones because they are clinically tested drugs. On the other hand, use as alternative SARMs, which have less risks seems to have more piece of common sense.

SARMs have a selective action and this feature looks more interesting and safe than prohormonal drugs. They also have a gentle effect on the endocrine system, even in the case that post cycle therapy (PCT) must be taken after. 

No matter what you choose, SARMs or Prohormones, if you keep normal doses and be careful - everything will be alright. Take as a rule to measure your endocrine system's hormone level after the muscle-grown using cycle and take PCT by your doctor’s scripting. Taking care of your hormone level and health status helps you to be safe out of these health risks. Another good piece of advice for all beginner athletes is trying to keep a healthy sleep near 7-9 hours per day. This must make you calmer, and the growing cycle will be taken gentler than often.